BEREC-RSPG joint report on facilitating mobile connectivity in ‘challenge areas’ — BEREC and RSPG seek your views! (ends 28 November 2017)

BEREC and RSPG have recently approved for public consultation a draft joint report on facilitating mobile connectivity in ‘challenge areas’

The draft report provides a comprehensive and comparative assessment of initiatives to facilitate mobile connectivity in ‘challenge areas’, where mobile connectivity is limited or non-existent. It particularly focuses on regulatory and legal measures that have been adopted to resolve that issue.

The draft report describes four categories of challenge areas: indoor, transportation means, non-profitable areas and other areas (protected areas, “grey” areas, low quality of service areas). For each type of challenge areas, the draft report describes the difficulties encountered in the identified challenge areas and describes different technical, regulatory or legal solutions and practices that have been implemented or considered by EU member states.

BEREC and RSPG would like to get feedback from stakeholders on their draft joint report and thus launch a public consultation that will run from 31 October until 28 November.

BEREC also invites all stakeholders to participate in the other ongoing public consultations, running until 8 November on the report analysing the impact of content and devices on the telecoms market, the preliminary report on monitoring of mobile coverage in view of a Common position and the BEREC Work programme for 2018. Do not miss the deadline to submit your contributions!

BEREC values very much the views of all stakeholders, and expresses its appreciation and gratefulness for the time, resources and efforts that will be spent for this activity.

As BEREC is fully committed in enhancing transparency and participation to its activities, all stakeholders are encouraged to submit contributions via online public consultation tool, available together with the traditional email submission.



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